Assoc. Prof.

Safrizal Shahir has been a lecturer in art history and studio practice (visual art) at the university level for over 20 years. He has conducted research on visual arts from a historical and studio practice perspective through research grants awarded at the university, local and international levels. His writings are published in book form, several art exhibition catalogs, and international journals. He is also an art exhibition curator who has organized exhibitions involving important local Malaysian artists, such as Nor Azizan Rahman Paiman, Ahmad Fuad Osman, Ismail Hashim, and Fauzan Omar. As an art practitioner, he produces works in various media, such as painting, drawing, print, and photography. His artworks generally revolve around formalism, Islam, and humanitarian issues. He has held solo exhibitions in Malaysia and Australia and participated in several group exhibitions in Serbia, Thailand, UAE, Australia, and Indonesia. He has won art awards such as the Jury Award at the 2002 Young Contemporary Art Award and the third place Prize at the 10th International Drawing Biennale (2019), Australia.


  • ANU [Ph.D]

  • Adelaide [M.A.]

  • UNIMAS B.A.A. (Hons)


  • USM [C.A. Cert.]

Areas of Expertise

Islamic art, Malaysian modern art, Visual art studio practice

Research Interest


  • Islamic art,
  • Drawing
  • Photo-media
  • Malaysian modern art
  • Contemporary art

Research Topics


  • Islam and image
  • Landscape
  • Spatial and materiality




    Zahra, F., Shahir, S. (2023). Characteristic of Islamic Calligraphy: Nasta’liq, Persian Calligraphy influances on Mughal Architecture of 17th century.

    Zahra, F., Shahir, S. (2023). Acanthus and Mughal Architecture: Western Influence on Wazir Khan Ornamentation

    Zahra, F., Shahir, S. (2022). Development and Evolution of Palmette Ornament: An Influence on Islamic Architecture

    Guo, X., Shahir, S., Lyu, Z., Wu, L. (2022). The Influence of Soviet-Style Art Education on Chinese Realism Art Education.

    S. Shahir (2022). Ponirin Amin on your lonely stage and printmaking in Malaysia


    Ucapan Nada Idea (Penulisan dan Wawancara Ismail Zain), Balai Seni Negara.


    Haris Abadi, Panggung Memori: Contemporary Expression of Pohon Beringin through the Exploration of Loop Animation.

    Fatima Zahra, Characteristics and Influences of Mughal Islamic Ornamentation of the 17th Century: A Case Study of Wazir Khan and Badshahi Mosque.

    Fadi Fahim, Visualisation of Symbols in Middle Eastern Contemporary Paintings.

    Guo Xiao Hui, A Strategic Study of Chinese Political Pop in the 1990s.

    Jia Mei, Exploration of Space in Landscape Painting Tradition Based on Contemporary Setting.

    Feng Hanping, Image Reconstruction and Construction of Virtual Narrative Space from the Perspective of “Spectacle” - A Study of Western Contemporary Figurative Painting in the New Century.

    Tao Zhengwei, The Composite Application of Image and Symbol in Visual Context.

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