Senior Lecturer

I started as a Multimedia Designer in my early career in 2002, the business world but made the unexpected but highly satisfying transition to the academic world in 2014. Working as a Computer Graphic Designer has given me a solid grounding in the art of creating compelling visuals. I am gain title as Senior Lecturer in 2018 at the School of The Arts of Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM). Currently, I am holding the position of Head of the Graphic Communication Program since 2019. I am a Professional Technologist certified by the Malaysian Board of Technologists (MBOT) as of 2021. Numerous significant roles and challenges have accompanied me on my journey through the constantly evolving ‘design’ world, all of which have influenced how I view design instruction personally. Having mentored so many students (undergraduate and postgraduate) in the past 10 years at the School of The Arts, Universiti Sains Malaysia, I have learnt that self-mastery is not the most straightforward guide to impose on my students. It takes a great deal of self-awareness, clarity of direction, complete honesty with oneself, maturity to accept responsibility, and a strong desire to grow as an individual. And it's a never-ending cycle of personal development and reflection. My varied experiences have come together to form a holistic perspective on the essence of design as I trace my development from a Multimedia Designer to an academic with an appreciation for nurturing creative minds. At this stage in my professional life, I am more committed than ever to encouraging original thought and helping students see the infinite possibilities of innovation in our ever-evolving world.


  • AU; PhD in Design, Curtin Uni of Tech, AU.

  • NZ; MDes in Arts and Creative Industries, Curtin Uni of Tech,


  • BCGD (Hons) Computer Graphic Design, University of Waikato,

Areas of Expertise

Visual Communicatioin, Interface Design, Graphic Arts

Research Interest

  • Interface Design
  • Apps Design
  • Literary Design (Book Design)
  • Brand Identity and Logo Design
  • Design for Social Change

Research Topics

  • Art Design & Creative Multimedia Technology
  • Communication Mix
  • Transdisciplinary collaboration
  • Holistic approach
  • Social includion




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    1.  Self Branding as Creatives Workshop (2023)with Rtist Sdn. Bhd.

    2.  ArtTech Fusion Hub 2023 in Viethnam with School of Media Design, UEH University.


    MASTER - On Going

    1. 2022, RUTH A/P RAVANDRAN, MSC, RESEARCH - FULL TIME, Visual Methodology of Cultural Heritage: An in-depth study on Malaysia's typography in the early printing era 1806., MAIN SUPERVISOR

    2.  2021, TITUS TIMOTHY, MSC, RESEARCH - FULL TIME, The Use of Narrative Images to Create Awareness About Environmental Degradation in Kafanchan City, Nigeria., MAIN SUPERVISOR

    3.  2021, YI ZAO, MSC, RESEARCH - FULL TIME, Research on User Interface Design of Mhealth App: A Study of Femtech Pelvic Floor Muscle Training, MAIN SUPERVISOR

    PHD - On Going

    1.  2023, SHAN QIN, PHD, RESEARCH - FULL TIME, Research on the Innovation Path of Arts and Crafts Design., CO-SUPERVISOR

    2.  2022, PAN JIAN, PHD, RESEARCH - FULL TIME, Research on the Application of Variable Font., MAIN SUPERVISOR

    3.  2022, LIN CHUNHUA, PHD, RESEARCH - FULL TIME, Using a hybrid MCDM model to explore the promotion strategy of visual communication design for public health information dissemination in urban public open spaces., MAIN SUPERVISOR

    4.  2021, LI XIZHEN, PHD, RESEARCH - FULL TIME, Conserving Intangible Cultural Heritage: Resident’s Perspective on Protecting Gejia Batik in Southeast Guizhou, MAIN SUPERVISOR

    5.  2021, ZHANG CHENG, PHD, RESEARCH - FULL TIME, Experimental Study on Visual Communication Design in Mediascape., MAIN SUPERVISOR

    6.  2020, LU BAORONG, PHD, RESEARCH - FULL TIME, Development Trend of Illustration Design in Visual Art Design., MAIN SUPERVISOR

    7. 2020, ZHANG BOLUN, PHD, RESEARCH - FULL TIME, The Research of AI Art Generation of New Year Prints in Yangliuqing North China, MAIN SUPERVISOR

    8.  2020, LIU FULONG, PHD, RESEARCH - FULL TIME, Explore the Application of Graphic Visual Element Painting in Real World., CO-SUPERVISOR

    9.  2020, LIANG SIYING, PHD, RESEARCH - FULL TIME, In the Art of Painting, the Study of Color Emotion.,MAIN SUPERVISOR

    10.  2020, DING LILAN, PHD, RESEARCH - FULL TIME, Model Construction and Empirical Study on the Influencing Factors of Museum Culture and Creative Products Purchase Intention, MAIN SUPERVISOR

    11.  2020, HUANG YU, PHD, RESEARCH - FULL TIME, Research on the Visual Art Design in the Cultural Communication Between China and ASEAN., MAIN SUPERVISOR

    12.  2020, DENG LUJIE, PHD, RESEARCH - FULL TIME, Perception and Comprehension of Signage System for Wayfinding in Hospitals Among the Elderly in Guanzhou., MAIN SUPERVISOR

    13.  2018, YAN YIKE, PHD, RESEARCH - FULL TIME, The Application of Narratives in Graphic Design and Visual Communication Education in China., MAIN SUPERVISOR

    14.  2014, KHOR TEONG SIANG, PHD, RESEARCH - PART TIME, A Case Study of the Penang Young Viewers’ Interest and Perception of Local Mesomorphic Superhero Design (LMSD), MAIN SUPERVISOR

    PhD - Completed


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