As an Arts Lecturer, Mr. Norshahidan Mohamad's utmost dedication is to inspire creativity and critical thinking among his students. With a background in Fine Arts and a Master's degree in Visual Art & Design, he strives to create a harmonious blend of artistic expertise and effective teaching techniques. He firmly believes in cultivating an inclusive and motivating environment that fosters self-expression, encourages experimentation, and stimulates cultural exploration. Throughout his 8-year tenure as an art educator, he has been honoured to inspire students through captivating lectures and interactive studio sessions. By integrating traditional methods with modern digital tools, he empowers students to cultivate versatile skills in contemporary art. Above all else, his commitment lies in fostering each student's distinct artistic voice while providing them with a well-rounded understanding of art history, theory, and interdisciplinary linkages. Aside from teaching, Mr. Norshahidan Mohamad actively participates in curriculum development, working alongside others to enhance arts education. This is reflected in his engagement with local exhibitions and community initiatives, as he strives to incorporate real-world experiences into education.


  • MA, USM

  • B.Arts (Hons) UiTM

Areas of Expertise

Fine Art, Studio Practice, Expanded Sculpture

Research Interest

  • Public Art & Urban Development
  • Digital Fabrication and Sculpture
  • Sculpture and Social Issues

Research Topics

  • Potential of Digital Fabrication in Contemporary Sculpture: Exploring Materiality, Form
  • The Role of Public Art in Shaping Urban Identity and Community Engagement
  • Exploring the Role of Sculpture in Addressing and Raising Awareness about Contemporary Social Issues




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    Transformational Plan Project of Pulau Aman, Implementation Coordination Unit Prime Ministers’s Department (ICU)

    Blank Canvas@Taman Rimba WoodHaven, Penang Youth Development Corporation (PYDC)

    Taiping Mural Art Painting, Majlis Perbandaran Taiping (MPT)


    1. Xu Qing Xia.

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