Master of Design
in Creative Industry


The purpose of this course is to prepare students to write a master’s project report that incorporates components of report writing and artwork. Students will be introduced to research procedures, report writing skills, digital production techniques, and summarizing study findings. The knowledge gathered via the programme’s essential courses will enable students to write an effective master’s project report.


A design trend is a process that demands the designer to understand both the practical and market requirements for the final product. Students will learn how to balance the needs of the industry and consumer demand in each situation when presenting a product.


This course introduces the processes and strategies involved in writing articles for submission to conferences and, ultimately, in managing a seminar. Additionally, this course helps learners how to submit articles to publishers.


Curatorial design is a discipline that educates designers how to show works effectively using space, scale, proportion, color, and narrative. The design process is used to provide a visual representation of artwork, presentations, and/or exhibitions. In this course, students will learn how to translate the concepts behind their artwork.


The course is designed to give students the ins and outs of innovative branding in design. Students can develop their own brand using the strategies used in the creative development of product branding. Additionally, students will get an understanding about how to create a successful brand through design.


This course teaches students how to transform their thinking to achieve greater results or productivity over time by creating something new in the market that improves the demand-production balance.


The purpose of this course is to enhance students’ critical thinking and problem-solving abilities in the field of design research. Students will develop a research proposal that consists of the following components: identification of the problem, goal setting, conceptualization and ideation, technique, implementation, and evaluation. In general, students are beginning to grasp the value of research methodologies in integrating their work and designing outcomes.


Master of Design in Creative Industry by Coursework is a new programme that aims to produce Professional Graduates who will be Creative Thinkers that ensure Professional Practice & Ethics in the field of design are always maintained. We want our graduates to be able to solve problem innovatively using the latest software and technology in the field of design.

The programme considers the changes in the world of education and the development of the creative art industry. We aspire to offer more innovative and up-to-date courses to ensure that our graduates can compete on the world’s platform. We want to produce graduates who are skilled in making critical and pragmatic decisions in the field of design and to meet the needs of the National Creative Industry agenda. The rapid development in the Fourth Industrial Revolution 4.0 makes individual competence in critical and pragmatic decision-making indispensable. These skills are core competencies that enable decisions to be made effectively based on evidence (evidence-based).

The planned curriculum is centered on an outcome oriented educational approach or Outcome Based Education (OBE) and Teacher to Student Centered Learning (SCL). Each learning outcome in each course will be tested throughout and at the end of the semester through audit sessions to ensure that each learning outcome can be achieved. In addition, the curriculum structure also considers the needs in the industrial world by offering relevant courses in the Design Industry. Self-skilled courses are also offered to equip students with the basics of research as well as skills in problem solving, self-confidence, ethics and integrity that will be assessed throughout the course.

This programme is expected to bridge the gap between undergraduate students and working adults who want to pursue a master’s degree. According to a recent survey, the programme is expected to attract many applications from media professionals, particularly in the fields of Graphic Communication, New Media Design & Technology, and Product Design.

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