Senior Lecturer

Goh Chu Hiang is an experienced senior lecturer with a demonstrated working history in higher education and design research. Trained as a graphic and interactive designer, he is also a professional member of ACM SIGCHI and DRS. A TRIZ Practitioner. He was among the pioneer participants from Malaysia at the distinguished NNg User Experience (UX) Conference, Las Vegas, USA, 2007. He involved in various research projects under the USM Apex & RU grants.


  • M.Sc. (IT). USM,
  • BA (Fine Arts)-Graphic Communication. Hons. USM

Areas of Expertise

Design Studies, Human Computer Interaction (HCI), Multicultural, Intercultural and Cross-Cultural Studies, Visual Communication, Graphics Arts


  • User Personas Studies
  • Human Centred Design
  • Art and Design Theoretical Studies
  • Cultural Aspects in Visual Communication
  • Design Impact on Cultural Heritage Preservation


  • How to Engage Targeted Clients: A Social Media User Personas Study in Pragmatic Research Context.
  • Inventive Design Solutions for the Complex Socio-technical Problems in Preserving Indigenous Symbolic Visual Communication




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    1. New Development Under the Combination of Interaction Design and Cultural Creative Products. YANG AIYI (Master)

    2. The Effect of Using the Personas Approach in Graphic Designing on Target Audience Engagement in Social Media. LOUISA JANE A/P ANDREW MICHAEL (Master)

    3. The Study of Target Audience’s Emotional Response to Dynamic Visual Design. YAN YIXIN (Master)

    4. Creating a Social Impact for People with Albinism with The Aid of Fraphic Communication Design. SURAJ PRAKASH A/L M. OMPRAKASH (master)

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