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School of the Arts offers undergraduate programmes in Fine Arts, Drama & Theatre, Music, Product Design, Graphic Communication Design and Design & New Media Technology. Currently the undergraduate programme is a Four (4) year, full-time Bachelor of Art or Bachelor of Fine Art degree programmes with courses offered throughout the academic year, whilst the graduate programme offers both mix-mode and research pathways. Each of these highly individual professional degree programmes share certain important characteristics that reflect the APEX status of Universiti Sains Malaysia as a top notch-red brick research university. Practise based programs are interlaced with research aspects which encourages cross disciplinary involvement. This is the School of the Arts unique approach to help expand the creative education in the arts.



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REKA 2014

21-05-2014 Hits:1464

About Conference The Malaysian creative content industry has grown by leaps and bounds over the last 15 years, but despite all the supports and talents that have been developed, is still missing some key elements for it to emerge as a truly creative industry which could contribu...

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RINTIS 2014 - Graduation Showcase

09-05-2014 Hits:1464

RINTIS 2014 - Graduation Showcase

Pengenalan RINTIS merupakan satu acara tahunan yang dijalankan sepenuhnya oleh pelajar-pelajar tahun akhir Pusat Pengajian Seni, Universiti Sains Malaysia. RINTIS meliputi pameran hasil kerja dan produk bagi projek akhir pelajar. Sejarah RINTIS diperkenalkan sekitar tahun 2004...

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07-03-2014 Hits:1393


SELSIUS-USM International Ceramic Festival 2014 Universiti Sains Malaysia's (USM) international ceramic exhibition is back for the fourth time after a seven-year hiatus,this time featuring masterpieces from 14 countries.

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2nd School of the Arts Research Colloquium

07-03-2014 Hits:983

2nd School of the Arts Research Colloquium

The theme 'Nurturing Research Culture: Contextualising Practice and Theory' has been selected to be the crux of the 2nd Arts Research Colloquium organised by the School of the Arts, Universiti Sains Malaysia.

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