Undergraduate Programmes FAQs

1. How do I apply for an undergraduate programme at Arts USM?

If you are a local student, you need to apply through the official Ministry of Education’s (MOE) portal (UPU).

Please take note: The portal is only open from March until May every year. It is advisable to check the MOE’s website for updated information on university applications. If you are an international student, please apply through your country’s appointed agents or your respective Ministry of Education.

2. What are the entry requirements to an undergraduate programme at Arts USM?

Local students must possess the following qualifications:

I. A minimum CGP of 2.0 in their STPM certificate/ A-Levels/ Pre-U/ Diploma/ Foundation or equivalent qualification.

II. A minimum Grade C in General Knowledge and a combination of two other subjects.

III. A minimum Band 2 for Malaysian Universities English Test (MUET)

IV. Credits in 4 subjects in SPM including Bahasa Melayu (SPM) and a pass in Sejarah (History).

For international students, you must possess the following qualifications:

I. A minimum CGP of 2.0 in your equivalent examinations

II. English proficiency results (IELTS 5.5 or any equivalent certification)

For further information please refer to the USM’s website under Admission.

3. Can I study part time here at Arts USM?

All undergraduate courses conducted at Arts USM are full time.

4. How much are the fees to take an undergraduate course here at Arts USM?

Please refer to USM’s official website for further details on this.

5. How long is the undergraduate programme? How does the programme breakdown look like?

Our programmes are 4 years long which are inclusive of one semester of Internship (Industrial attachment). Internship can be done either in:

Semester 6 (Acting & Directing/ Music/Fine Arts) or

Semester 8 (Graphic Communication/ New Media Design & Product Design) in the final semester

Our undergraduate programmes run for 8 semesters. Every academic session is divided into 2 semesters - Semester 1 (September - January) and Semester 2 (February - May). The months of June until August is semester break.

6. Can I work while I am studying at Arts USM?

Many of our students hold part-time jobs to earn extra money to pay for their expenses and buy material or tools for their studies. This is an option you can definitely consider but you will need to be able to juggle between your study and for schedules. As long as you do not miss classes or assignment deadlines, the school is fine with students holding part time jobs during their studies with us.

7. Who should I contact should I have more questions?

You can always come to the school and meet our officials for more information. Please call in first to book an appointment. If you are interested in a particular course, please make an appointment with the Chairperson of the corresponding department.