RINTIS stands for Research & Innovation Towards Integration & Sustainability. RINTIS was initiated by Assoc. Prof. Hasnul J. Saidon in 2004 as a yearly showcase of final year research projects by students from 6 departments in the School of The Arts, Univesiti Sains Malaysia. It also serves as a pathway for the students to join their respective industries. RINTIS showcases features research projects by students from Graphic Communication, New Media Design & Technology and Product Design.

The objectives of RINTIS:

  • To provide a platform for students from the 6 departments in the school to present their final year projects through a professionally organiaed and curated showcase.
  • To provide a platform for the students to work as a team in organizing the major event in order to converge academic exercise with soft skills and professional practice.
  • To allow lecturers, potential clients, communities and other stakeholders in related fields or industries to evaluate the students’ performance whilst maintaining the quality of the programmes offered by the School.
  • To serve as a path or a link between students, clients, communities, and professionals in the related industries especially in opening up job opportunities and further professional development.
  • To expose and promote the arts as a critical field of knowledge and human experience to USM students, staff, community, other institutions of higher learning, schools, and other targeted audiences.