Rintis – UNITY 2020

RINTIS is back for a second time this year but now with a twist!! Short for Research and Innovation Towards Integration and Sustainability, RINTIS is an annual showcase of final year research projects by students from the 6 different departments in School of The Arts, Universiti Sains Malaysia. In their final year, students work very closely with their respective lecturers to choose projects that best fit the students’ area interests and capabilities but more importantly have industrial relevance and commercial value. The school’s interdisciplinary nature allows for students to experiment and work on projects across the different disciplines to produce works that in the past have received patents and industry recognition. 

Themed UNITY 2020, this second round of RINTIS will feature works by our final year students from the Fine Arts, Drama & Theatre and Music Department. Given the current situation with the pandemic and the Movement Control Order (MCO), this showcase will feature pre-recorded works of students that will be uploaded live on School of The Arts official Facebook page from 25 – 29 July 2020. So, do log into our official Facebook page and catch the interesting and innovative works of our 2019/2020 graduating batch. Check out our main page for the full list of events and activities. 

You can also catch all the works by our Fine Arts students on their website at fineartdegreeshowusm.com