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Bachelor of Arts (Hons) Fine Arts

The Fine Arts department offers students a wide variety of knowledge and training in skills on selected fine art fields which include painting, sculpture, photography and printmaking. Students are encouraged to be creative, experimental and expressive in their assignments and projects. Our experienced staff will help and enhance their artistic skills and creative thinking to take on art projects. This course also provides historical and conceptual context relevant to art making for a more creative and critical thinking art graduate. The Fine Arts programme also gives opportunities for students to explore multi-disciplinary courses in order for them to be able to take on various tasks successfully.

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Job Opportunities

Freelance / full time artists, Art Consultant, Cataloguer, Art Teacher / Educator /Researcher / Academic, 3-D Digital Sculptor, Academic Advisor, Art Handler, Director of Photography, Artistic Director, Curator, Artist Works Associate, Director of Art Events, Gallery Assistant, Grant Writer, Media and Communication Designer, Production Manager, Studio Assistant.

Admission Requirements

Minimum entry requirements for all programmes are Malaysian Higher School Certificate of Education and Malaysian Certificate of Education with a credit pass in Bahasa Malaysia. Applicants with previous professional/industrial experience may be accepted in lieu of some, or all, of the formal academic requirements.

As for the international students, academic qualifications which are considered to be equivalent will be placed into consideration. Applicants will be advised on the matter.

  • STPM with PNGK 2.00, MUET-band 1, interview & audition, art & design portfolio (to be reviewed during interview),

  • Matriculation with PNGK 2.00 (for applicants from matriculation programme only)

  • Diplomas with PNGK 2.00 that are recognized by the university senate (for applicants from diploma programme only) AND pass the USM interview.

For further information, please visit: USM's Admission Department 

Semester Fees

RM1620.00 per-semester (recurring fees). The duration of all programmes are 8 semester. 

For details on non-recurring fees please visit: USM's Admission Department


For further information please contact:

Dr Siti Royaha Yahaya


Fine Art

04 - 653 6628

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