Fine Arts

This academic field has two major strands; firstly, specialising in the various ways of assessing and discussing fine arts and visual culture in general and secondly, fine arts (studio practice). The former pathway allows researchers to explore and challenge the established aesthetics, formal and conceptual principles in art theory, art history and visual culture. The latter, is a MA and PhD in fine art (studio practice). The programme is designed to engage visual artists in independent research that constitutes an original contribution to the understanding of contemporary visual arts in the form of a speculative inquiry in the field of art. This provides a critical and intellectual focus to explore a single proposed research topic. Central to the program is a balance between studio practice and the conceptual and theoretical concerns that underpin artistic research. Candidate will undertake a major project that culminates in an exhibition or presentation of work for assessment, accompanied by a thesis that includes visual documentation of the artistic research. Student or candidate may work with installation, sculpture, photo-media, hybrid and spatial practices, sound, media arts, video, painting, print-media, drawing or other object-based artistic practice.

Areas of Specialisation

Art History and Theory






Studio Practice

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