Steps to Prepare for a Postgraduate Degree Application:

Step One: Check the General Admission Requirements

Please check with the Institute of Postgraduate Studies for General Admission Requirements here.

Step Two: Find a Supervisor

All postgraduate candidates must be supervised by at least one Supervisor from School of The Arts. Please click here (Academic section on the website) for potential supervisors.


Step Three: Develop Your Research Proposal

Before contacting a potential supervisor to be your primary supervisor, please prepare a description of your research proposal. Your research proposal should be at least a minimum of five pages in length. To write a strong research proposal please read the guide here (link to the page with Writing Research Proposals).

Please take note that some faculties have additional requirements for the research description. We strongly recommend that you discuss this with your prospective supervisor.

Apply Here Now (link with Institute of Postgraduate Studies (IPS) website )

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