The Rohingya refugee children are in a similar journey of seeking that sense of belonging in a foreign “jungle” that is constantly hostile and offers little comfort to them. They struggle to understand a world that doesn't welcome them. How does a child grow up or dream then?


To empower the voices of Rohingya refugee children through music and drama

To help them gain greater self-esteem and improve their social skills

To help the children gradually overcome issues of social anxiety, a problem common among members of marginalised communities

Create awareness among Malaysian public concerning refugees and their challenges

Raise funds for Penang Peace Learning Centre (PPLC)


Founded in March 2013 by Prof. Dr. Kamarulzaman Askandar from the School of Social Sciences, USM and 20 of his students 

PPLC currently provides basic education and activities to 40 Rohingya refugee children

Funded solely though donations and run entirely by volunteers 

PPLC is in dire need of basic amenities like books, stationery and teaching material. They are also struggling to meet their monthly utility and rental commitments.


The production is geared to be a fundraising event organised by School of The Arts, Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM) for the Rohingya refugee children of Penang Peace Learning Centre (PPLC). Dewan Budaya Auditorium USM and Penang Arts District are also collaborating with us in this project.

The musical features an original script with 12 compositions. There will be one special song written by three Rohingya boys in their mother tongue narrating their journey of coming to Malaysia.

The performance will be a combination of the Rohingya children, local Malaysian children and also university students from USM.

Proceeds from tickets sales will be channelled to PPLC to help rebuild and restore the classrooms. The funds will also be used to provide basic necessities such as school uniforms, educational materials and other immediate needs for the centre.

Event Details

Location: Dewan Budaya Auditorium, USM

Dates: September 5 - 7, 2019

Sept 5, Thurs

Matinee Show

11.00am - 12.30pm

Sept 6, Fri

VIP Show

8.30pm - 10.00pm

Sept 7, Sat

Regular Show

8.30pm - 10.00pm

Ticket Pricing

RM10 (students)

RM25 (adults)

RM50 (VIP night)

How can you help?

We welcome interested parties to contribute and aid PPLC in bringing better education to the Rohingya children. Your generous assistance will receive an honourable mention on both our online and offline publicity platforms.

Programme booklet:

A5 full page colour RM2000

A5 full page black and white RM1000

A5 half page colour RM800

A5 half page black and white RM500

A5 quarter page colour RM300

A5 quarter page black and white RM200

Online platform:

Website and social media platforms

We welcome interested parties to contribute and aid PPLC in bringing better education to the Rohingya children. Your generous assistance will receive an honourable mention on both our online and offline publicity platforms.

*Name of contributor, company name or company logo will be featured in both online and offline platforms.


Project Director | Dr. Pravina Manoharan

Chairperson of the Music Department in the School of the Arts USM Research interests include Ethnomusicology, Popular Music, Diaspora studies and identity issues Actively involved in music and drama productions on music appreciation and movement

Izzard Padzil | Director

Works closely with Arts Ed, Penang as a facilitator in many of their children's workshop performances. Actively involved in theatrical performances at the George Town Festival and Melaka Art and Performance Festival. Performed in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam and Shanghai, China for various productions.

Dr. Mumtaz Begum Aboo Backer | Artistic Director

Collaborated with leading choreographers, directors, dancers and composers in Malaysia for artistic performances. Uses dance and movements as one of the tools in teaching, learning and sharing with her students. Research interests focuses on children with special needs, traditional theatre, dance studies and gender studies in the arts.

Nur Hilyati bt Abdul Ramli | Assistant Director | Choreographer

Involved locally in several aspects of performance, such as acting, directing and dance since 2004. Lectures and facilitates children’s workshop performances and performing arts classes in Penang and Taiwan. Performed in South East Asian region for art and performance festivals in Vietnam, China, Indonesia and Taiwan.

Dr. Kamal Sabran | Visual Director

Works include sound art, experimental music, performance art, theatre, video and electronic installations. Artist-In-Residence at the National Space Agency, Malaysia in 2005. Best NOKIA Music Video Director in 2006, ASEAN New Media Artist Award from Indonesian, National Art Gallery in 2007. Visiting Artist for 18th Street Art Center in Santa Monica, California in 2015

Shadidan Mohamad | Set Design

Major Award Penang Art Open Exhibition 2013 and Grand Prize Winner The Nokia Creative Art Award in 2005. Fine Art lecturer at School of The Arts, USM Emerged finalist in a number of competitions, including The Young Contemporaries Art Awards at National Art Gallery, Malaysia

Associate Prof. Razif Mohd. | Music Director

Alumni of the Centre d’Information Musicale de Paris [Jazz Piano, Arrangement & Composition], France. Performed with distinguished jazz artists in numerous concerts and jazz festivals throughout Malaysia and Thailand. Developed jazz-related curriculum and taught courses in jazz theory, improvisation, ensemble performance and conducting. Conducts jazz camps and workshops as well as collaborating with various school choirs.

Safia Najwa Suhaimi | Costume Design

Graphic communication design lecturer at School of The Arts, USM. Exploring projects related to the applicability of visual design in addressing social and community issues. Did a collaborative fundraising art show called 'A Little Big : Little Things, Big Hearts' (2018) where art and design students come together to create a fun-filled event for the children of the Children's Protection Society of Penang while raising funds through art sales.