ICAP which is the acronym for Industry Community Advisory Panel is a panel of advisors who have been carefully selected by lecturers of the respective departments to be our advisory panel for the duration of 3 years. Our ICAP are prominent members of the industry who are experts in their respective fields. They represent the 6 different departments within School of The Arts, and every year we invite them to share and speak to students from the different departments. In the duration of their 3-year contract with us, they review our curriculum on an annual basis to ensure its relevance to the industry and speak to students about the realities of the industry and what they need to do to be industry ready.

This year the Music Department kicked off our very first virtual ICAP TALK session by renowned Tabla player Mr Prakash Kandasamy who spoke to our music students about the reality of today’s music industry and why they need to prepare themselves more than ever as they step into the reality of the working world. Mr Kandasamy has toured around the world and performed alongside prominent sitar, sarod and vocalists for over 25 years. He is also a passionate teacher who has continued his tutelage despite the restrictions in movement during the Covid lockdown. It was interesting to hear him worked around this situation to ensure his students were not left behind with their lessons. He has also dabbled in a number of online performances which was something he thought he would never be able to do.