Che Mat Bin Jusoh

Che Mat Bin Jusoh is currently one of our Artists in Residence. He is known as Adiguru or a Master of Traditional Theatre and music. His expertise lies in Wayang Kulit Kelantan (Kelantanese Shadow Play), Makyung, Gamelan ensemble, Rebab, and the Flute.

He is also a Master Puppeteer and is often sought after for research purpose in traditional theatre and teaches at other national and international universities. The Japan Foundation has collaborated with Che Mat Jusoh to work together with artists from Japan to give master classes in music as well.

Che Mat bin Jusoh was recently awarded the “Tokoh Gamelan” award by the state government of Terengganu, Malaysia (2018). At the recent Commemorative convocation of USM 2019, he was also awarded Tokoh Sanjungan dan Budi by HRH The Chancellor of USM for his knowledge, expertise and contribution to the community, state, country and the heritage of Malaysia.