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Although established only in 1993, the Department of Music at the Universiti Sains Malaysia has created a programme of high calibre focusing on both western music, and traditional musics of the Southeast Asian world. Our theory, history and performance courses reflect the Department's commitment to an innovative programme which emphasizes the importance of both eastern and western musical traditions.

The Department has assembled a teaching staff of national and international reputation, all of whom have earned their higher degrees from universities abroad. In addition to their teaching duties, they are actively engaged in research on many facets of music education, modern and traditional Malaysian and Southeast Asian music as well as western music. The academic staffs publish widely and perform locally works from the standard classical repertoire as well as works by contemporary serious composers today. The Department offers a concert of music from the standard repertoire in the first semester of each academic year, while a concert devoted to 20th century music is presented in the second semester of each year. In addition, a number of student recitals are scheduled in each semester.

Based on a philosophy of integrating music instruction and academic education with an innovative performance programme of traditional and modern music, the USM's School of the Arts Music Department can be noted as one of the country's most comprehensive institutions for musical training. Virtually any area of music performance or research can be pursued through its flexible instruction programmes which are supported by technical and research facilities within the university and by a highly-qualified professional faculty.

+ Job Opportunities

Academician, Music Conductor, Musician, Commercial Music Industry, Sound Engineer.

+ Programme Outline

STAGE 100 
The Foundation of Musicianship
Foundation of Keyboard
Music Theory 1
World Music
Contemporary Music Ensemble 1
Traditional Music Ensemble 1 – Wayang Kulit
Aural Skill
      STAGE 300 
Pedagogy and Instrumental Repertoire
Choir 3
Contemporary Music Ensemble 3
Traditional Music Ensemble 4
Contemporary Music Ensemble 4
Research and Performance of Instrumental Literature
Special Paper on Music
Ethnomusicology Theory 
STAGE 200 
Music Theory 2
Conducting and Music Score Reading
Contemporary Music Ensemble 2
Traditional Music Ensemble 2
Choir 1
Malaysian Music
Music Theory 3
History of Western Music
Learning and Performing Music Ensemble
Traditional Music Ensemble 3
Choir 2
Selected Topics in Music

+ Admission Requirements

Minimum entry requirements to all programmes are Malaysian Higher School Certificate of Education and Malaysian Certificate of Education with a credit pass in Bahasa Malaysia. Applicants with previous professional / industrial experience may be accepted in lieu of some, or all, of the formal academic requirements.

As for the international students, academic qualifications which are considered to be equivalent will be placed into consideration. Applicants will be advised on the matter.

Malaysian Higher Diploma of Education (STPM) with General Paper and at least two (2) other subjects with grade C (CGPA at 2.00 and above), ***AND*** at least Yamaha Diploma Grade 5 in Performance and Fundamentals of Music, or Grade 5 practical and theory -- ABRSM, Trinity, Guildhall, or other comparable music diploma. Candidates who do not meet the Grade 5 theory requirement will be required to take VZM 101/2 – Basic Music Theory, if all other requirements are satisfied.


Music Diploma from the University Institut Teknologi MARA (CGPA at 2.00 and above).


Two Teaching Diplomas with CGPA at 2.00 and above- (a) Basic Teaching Diploma in the field of music (5 semesters at the Music Department, Teacher's Specialist Training College (MPIK) in Kuala Lumpur, or 5 semesters at the Music Department, Teacher's Training College (MPPP) of Penang; and (b) Specialist Teaching Diploma in Music Education (one additional year at MPIK, and pass Bahasa Malaysia SPM with honours.


The music diplomas Associate of the Trinity College of Music (ATCL), or Licentiate of the Trinity College of Music (LTCL), or Diploma ABRSM (DipABRSM), Licentiate of the Royal Schools of Music (LRSM), Associate OR Licentiate of the Australian Music Examination Board (AMEB) ***AND*** pass Bahasa Malaysia SPM with credit, and at least 5 years experience as a school music teacher or music lecturer at the teachers training college.

IN ADDITION, all candidates must pass an interview and an audition on the student's principal instrument in which three contrasting pieces from different stylistic periods and/or pieces of traditional Malay, Chinese or Indian music are performed, and ability in sight reading and listening (ear training) are demonstrated. Candidates are also required to sit for a theory placement examination to assess their music theory comprehension. Candidates who do not have these pre-requisites are required to enroll for remedial theory classes. Please be advised that these remedial courses DO NOT apply towards units required for graduation. For further information, please visit: USM's Admission Department

+ Fees

RM780.00 per-semester (recurring fees). The duration of all programmes are 6 semester.

For details on non-recurring fees please visit: USM's Admission Department

+ Contact

For further information please contact:

Chairperson/Senior Lecturer [Music Dept.]
04 - 653 4077