Fine Art - BA (Hons) Fine Art ( Dept. Gallery)

Fine Art is a vital form of cultural expression that enriches our lives and challenges our views of the world. We rely on the arts to enrich our lives as well as to challenge our interpretation of the world around us. The discipline of Fine Arts invites us to expand our vision through creative experimentation and the unique possibilities of communicating with our surroundings through art.

The Fine Art programme at USM's School of the Arts offers the opportunity for students to concentrate and explore their specific area of interest via traditional and new forms of art. Explorations in new art forms such as media and electronic arts enable students to further develop conceptual thinking and creative possibilities presented by rapidly expanding technology. The Fine Art degree programme is designed to present a number of distinguished approaches to art-making and analysis on a broad overview of the technique, theory, and history.

The Fine Arts programme encourages independent thinking, self-motivation, and an experimental approach to studio practices. Courses are offered in art history, sculpture, painting, drawing, photography and printmaking. An integral part of the Fine Art major's undergraduate final year assessment is Projek Seni (Final Art Project) that focuses on students' area of concentration, culminating in an exhibition on campus at the end of the academic year

+ Job Opportunities

Freelance / full time artists, Art Consultant, Cataloguer, Art Teacher / Educator /Researcher / Academic, 3-D Digital Sculptor, Academic Advisor, Art Handler, Director of Photography, Artistic Director, Curator, Artist Works Associate, Director of Art Events, Gallery Assistant, Grant Writer, Media and Communication Designer, Production Manager, Studio Assistant.

+ Programme Outline

Level 100

  • Introduction to Fine Arts
  • Art Appreciation/
  • Foundation of  2 Dimensional Studies
  • Foundation of  3  Dimensional Studies
  • Basic Drawing
  • Methods and Theories In Visual Arts/
  • Space and Analytical Drawing
  • Intro to Photomedia
  • Intro to Sculpture
  • Intro to Printmaking
  • Basic Painting
  • Art Materials Studies (Elective)

Level 200 & 300

  • Malaysia Modern Art 
  • Experimental Drawings
  • Intermediate Photomedia
  • Mould Making And Casting Sculpture
  • Relief and Intaglio Prints
  • Configuration Of Form In Painting
  • Aspects Of Traditional Arts Of Southeast Asia
  • Aspects Of Traditional Arts Of Southeast
  • Asian  Modern  Art (Elective)
  • Advance Photomedia
  • Installation Art
  • Serigraphy and Lithography
  • Digital Painting
  • Industrial Training

Level 400

  • Alternative Photomedia
  • Digital Sculpture
  • Alternative Prints
  • Integration And Media Process
  • Visual Art Management And Entrepreneurship (Elective)
  • Final Year Project
  • Fine Art Studio Seminar (Elective)

+ Admission Requirements

Minimum entry requirements for all programmes are Malaysian Higher School Certificate of Education and Malaysian Certificate of Education with a credit pass in Bahasa Malaysia. Applicants with previous professional/industrial experience may be accepted in lieu of some, or all, of the formal academic requirements.

As for the international students, academic qualifications which are considered to be equivalent will be placed into consideration. Applicants will be advised on the matter.

STPM with PNGK 2.00, MUET- band 1, interview & audition, art & design portfolio (to be reviewed during interview), pass the USM MunsYI Test, matriculate with PNGK 2.00  (for applicants from matriculation program only), diploma that are recognized by the university senate (for applicants from diploma program only) AND pass the USM interview. For further information, please visit: 

+ Fees

RM780.00 per-semester (recurring fees). The duration of all programmes are 6 semesters. For detail on non-recurring fees please visit:

+ Contact

For further information please contact:

Chairperson / Senior Lecturer [Fine Art Sect.]
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