Fine Arts

The Master of Arts (MA) and Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in Fine Arts train students to produce a dissertation in one of two thrust areas – Fine Arts or Design.

Fine Arts

A research within the field of Fine Arts challenges the established aesthetic, formal and conceptual principles in art, art theory, art history and visual culture. It also allows for interdisciplinary research with Fine Arts as the core discipline. Our degree is recognized internationally and therefore equips our graduates for global employment in the field of art, art history, visual culture, museums and other arts-related fields. We strive to produce graduates who will demonstrate originality in their works, which will have a significant artistic and cultural impact.

Area of Specialisation

Art History and Theory

  • Drawing
  • Sculpture
  • Print-Media
  • Photo-Media
  • Painting
  • Studio Practice


The design department offers an array of research opportunities supporting both the needs of the industry and practicing artist/designer. Our faculty members have immense experience in both research and teaching and will be able to provide valuable insights into the contemporary and historical developments of design. Prospective candidates are encouraged to explore research in various clusters, for example; art & play; culture, heritage & identity; healthy lifestyle; nature and space. We welcome interdisciplinary collaborative research from fields other than design.  

Area of Specialisation



  • Visual Communication
  • Typography
  • Packaging Design
  • Design Research              
  • Branding and Identity


  • Animation Art and Design
  • Sound Art Design and Technology
  • Digital Videography
  • Creative Coding
  • Interactive Media and Digital Application             


  • Design Management
  • Service Innovation
  • Design Technology
  • Furniture and Product Design
  • Design for Manufacturing and Assembly
  • Materials and Design
  • Ergonomics in Design
  • Design Studies
  • Ceramic Craft and Industry 


The MA and Ph.D. in Music degrees introduce you to the fundamental principle of research in Music.  The MA and Ph.D. in Music are centered on individual scholarly activity in fields such as composition, ethnomusicology, pedagogy, and performance.  The program is designed to allow you to focus on your specific area of interest and work closely with your appointed supervisor. 

Area of Specialisation

  • Ethnomusicology
  • Musicology
  • Composition
  • Pedagogy – Music Education

Drama and Theatre

Each year, the Drama and Theatre Department admits a small group of students who display not only practical creativity but academic capability as well. Postgraduate students will be introduced to an alternative of semi-practical and/or theoretical degree courses in which the Department specializes, notably within the practice of history, theory, traditional and modern drama and theatre, children’s theatre, and dance. Postgraduate candidates for both MA and Ph.D. program will embark on research in these various specializations.   

Area of Specialisation

  • Traditional Theatre
  • Modern Drama & Theatre
  • History of Drama & Theatre
  • Theory of Drama
  • Theatre & Performance
  • Theatre in Education
  • Children’s Theatre
  • Community Theatre
  • Traditional Dance
  • Modern and Experimental Dance
  • Performance
  • Creative Movements

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Ph.D. International Program (PIP)

Besides the full-time and part-time postgraduate program, School of the Arts also welcomes collaborative program with other international universities under its Ph.D. International Program (PIP).

This program is designed to promote inter-institutional research collaboration that will provide faculty members from various universities with an opportunity to further their Ph.D. studies with us.

For further inquiries please email the Deputy Dean of Research, Postgraduates, and Linkages (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).