Assoc. Prof. Razif Mohd.

Staff Academic RazifMohd  

Associate Professor (DS54)
[Music Dept.]
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Razif Mohd@Jeep who hails from Kuala Lumpur received his early education at the Sekolah Dato Hamzah Port Kelang and later furthered his studies at Universiti Malaya in 1983. In 1985 he received a scholarship to further his studies in music in France. He graduated from the Conservatoire National de Region de Rueil-Malmaison, France and the notable Centre d’Information Musicale de Paris.

Razif, an Assoc. Prof of Music is a member of faculty to the School of Arts, Universiti Sains Malaysia, Penang. His area of expertise covers Jazz Piano Improvisation, Ensemble Conducting, Instrumentation & Orchestration and Composition. As a senior lecturer, Razif teaches and lectures General Musicianship, Piano Improvisation, Contemporary Ensemble and the Short Courses Program - Continuous Education. Besides lecturing, Razif has often been invited to conduct workshops, seminars and present papers related to jazz, improvisation and ensemble performances at various institutes of higher learning. He is also the founder, conductor and musical director of the USM Jazz Band, Voice Over Voice Vocal Ensemble, Jeep Jazz Trio & Jeep Latino Jazz Band.

Assoc. Prof Razif has produced many recordings in the form of jingles and instrumental albums. His latest productions are “Midnite Stretch - Jazz Made In Penang” [Jeep Jazz Trio] - 2001, “USM Jazz Band Debut Album” - 2002, “Sing Standards”- 2003  “Collection of Selected Works by Jimmy Boyle”- 2004, “Collection of  P. Ramlee’s Best Tunes for Choir”- 2005 “ Jeep Jazz Trio Plays Standards ”- 2006, “The Little Jazz Piano”- 2007 and “JJT & Friends - Jazz Album” - 2008. Koleksi Lagu-Lagu Jimmy Boyle 2008, Boogie-Woogie Piano 2009, Ragtime Piano 2010 & Latin Jazz Piano 2011. Currently he preparing a debut album with the Jeep Jazz Band [10-members band] as well as a pursuing academic research.


  • MFA [Orchestration] Diplôme Superieure en Direction Orchestre Conservatoire   National de Region 
    Rueil-Malmaison. France National  Regional Conservatory.
  • B Mus [Harmony] Diplôme en Instrumentation et Orchestration,Conservatoire National de  Region 
    Rueil-Malmaison.  France National Regional Conservatory.
  • B Arts [Music] Diplôme d'Etudes Supérieure en Arrangement,Composition et Orchestration, Centre
    d'Information Musicales de Paris. France Specialised National School of Excellence in
  • B Arts [General] Open University of United Kingdom. England.



  • JAZZ PEDAGOGY - The Rudiment of Jazz Music & Performance
  • INSTRUMENTATION & ORCHESTRATION - The Study of Instrumentation & Conducting Practice
  • MUSIC COMMUNITY SHORT COURSES, School of the Arts [available upon request]
    • Jazz Piano for Beginners
    • Conducting for Beginners
    • Harmony & Reharmonization
    • Corporate Choir



  • VZM 105 - General Musicianship
  • VZM 156 - Theory of Music
  • VZM 182E - Contemporary Ensemble I
  • VZM 233 - Contemporary Ensemble II
  • VZM 238E - Score Reading and Conducting
  • VZM 332 - Contemporary Ensemble III
  • VPS 309 - Instrumental Project [Jazz Piano Recital]
    - Thesis Reader/Assessor Music Department


  • WCC 108 - Jazz Band I
  • WCC 208 - Jazz Band II
  • WCC 308 - Jazz Band III


  •  Jazz Piano for Beginners - Conducting Technique for Beginners
  •  Saxophone Workshop - Arranging for Ensemble
  •  Music Scoring - Jazz, Pop & Latin - Vocal for Beginners
  •  Harmony and Re-Harmonisation - Improvisation for Instrumentalists


Orchestration, Instrmentation, Jazz Improvisation, Jazz Ensemble & Music Therapy

On Going Research Project [Short Term Grant October 2014-16]

  • P.Ramlee Literary Musical Works for Concert/Brass Band In a Selected Secondary School in Penang - Sustaining Malaysian Heritage

On Going Publication Project :

  • Malaysian Contemporary Songs for Choirs Vol. II
  • Blues Piano




  • Razif Mohd [2006 & 2008 ] Little Jazz Piano Vol I & II . Instructional Book for Young Pianist, Bintang Compu Publishing : Penang.
  • Razif Mohd [2008] Malaysian Contemporary Songs For Choir Vol I : A & J Wide Distribution : Penang.
  • Razif Mohd [2007] Collection of P.Ramlee’s Best Tunes For Choir Vol. IV : Dsense Publishing. Penang. [Score & Audio]
  • Razif Mohd [2009 & 2011] Rekorder Kanak-Kanak Jil.I & II  Bintang Compu Publishing : Penang.
  • Razif Mohd [2009] Boogie Woogie Piano,  Instructional Book for Pianist. A & J Wide Diffusion  Penang.
  • Razif Mohd [2010] Boogie Woogie Piano,  Instructional Book for Pianist. A & J WideDiffusion : Penang.
  • Razif Mohd [2011] Latin Jazz Piano, Instruct


 Album :

  • Midnite Stretch - Jazz Made In Penang” [Jeep Jazz Trio] - 2001,
  • USM Jazz Band Debut Album- 2002
  • Jeep Sing Standards- 2003 
  • Collection of Selected Works by Jimmy Boyle - 2004
  • P. Ramlee’s Favourite Tunes for Choir- 2005  - 2006 [4 Vols]
  •  Jeep Jazz Trio Plays Standards- 2006
  •  JJT & Friends - Jazz Album - 2008



Anugerah Sanggar Sanjung (Creative Category), International Recognition, USM, Penang, Malaysia
1st prize winner for World Anti-Tobbacco Day, State Level – “Berhenti Merokok” 
1st Prize winner of USA Song Writing Competition 2002. (Jazz Category) “Midnite Stretch“ – The World’s Leading Songwriting


Anugerah Khidmat Cemerlang 2000 
The Outstanding Young Malaysian 2000, Malaysian Junior Chamber
Consolation Prize for "Kerana Mu Malaysia" composed for National Day Song Competition 
Consolation Prize for "Abadi Jasa Malaysia" & "Syabas Malaysia" composed for the Peraduan Cipta Lagu Formula Malaysia
"Berhenti Merokok" composed for the Yayasan Jantung Malaysia for their anti-smoking campaign 
"Because of you" composed especially for Tan Sri Dr. Koh Tsu Koon
Phillips International Jazz Spectacular, Bukit Jalil Stadium, KL
School of Arts, USM theme song 

1999 "Pentas Perkasa" composed for the SUKMA VIII Pulau Pinang, in collaboration with lyricist Assoc. Prof. Dr. Ismail Abdullah
Consolation Prize for "Abadi Jasa Malaysia" & "Syabas Malaysia" composed for the Peraduan Cipta Lagu Formula Malaysia
"Daerah Luka" composed for the Kosovo Cause, in collaboration with lyricist Assoc. Prof. Dr. Ismail Abdullah 

1998 "Wanita Ceia" composed for IRPA HEALTH: A Study on Working Women's Health in Relation to Their Lifestyles 

1997/1998 Anugerah Seni Nescafe - Makum (active involvement as the conductor of USM Jazz Band)


  • Oct-Nov 2014 Community Engagement Project Inter-Campus Music Outreach - Geran
    Libatsama Universiti-Komuniti @ USM Health Campus, Kubang Kerian,
  • March-Nov 2014 Community Engagement Project Tune In To English 2.0 - Geran
    Libatsama Universiti-Komuniti @ SMK Mak Mandin, Seberang Perai
  • Jan-Nov 2013 Community Engagement Project Tune In To English - Geran Libatsama
  • Oct 2012-Nov 2013 Community EngagementProject: Bengkel Seni Muzik Untuk Golongan
    Muda, Guru dan Ibu-Bapa/Dewasa - GeranLibatsama Universiti-Komuniti.



Music Medicine - Jazz  Audio Theraupeutic - Chulalongkorn University July 2011
JJT  - Interpreting Original Composition - UPSI Nov 2014


  • Nirvana [ Jazz Band & Gamelan Ensemble]
  • G’Melan Groove [Jazz Band & Gamelan Ensemble]
  • Sweet Memories
  • USM Sanggar Sanjung Theme 2003
  • Senada [USM 2012]
  • Yayasan USM [2014]


  • aids
    If I Only Had Wings | cd audio | 2004
  • play
    Jeep Jazz Trio Plays Standards | cd audio | 2006
  • 3
    Collection of P. Ramlee’s Best Tunes For Choir | cd audio | 2006