Mdm. Nur Hilyati Ramli


Lecturer (DS45)
[Drama & Theatre Dept.]

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2010 – 2014 : Master of Fine Art Universiti Sains Malaysia
2004 – 2007 : Degree of Fine Art Universiti Sains Malaysia
Major – Acting and Directing
Minor – Graphic Communication
2002 – 2003 : Sijil Tinggi Pelajaran Malaysia (STPM)
Sekolah Menengah Munshi Abdullah Melaka
1997 – 2001 : Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM
Penilaian Menengah Rendah ( PMR)
Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Bukit Baru Melaka


Dance & Performance Studies


  • VTD 233E- Traditional & Contemporary Dance techniques
  • VTE 353E- Arts Therapy
  • VTT 161- Basics of Drama & Theatre
  • VTC 453- Community Theatre
  • VTT 118- Asian Theatre






2017 Georgetown Heritage Celebration Penang
2017 Asia Pacific University-Community Engagement Network Penang
2017 Project Leader/Coordinator, The Grasstraw Festival Taiwan
(草草戲劇節) and workshops
(Guest Artist)
2017 Short Film in Taiwan Taiwan
(Guest Artist)
2016 Georgetown Festival Penang Penang
2015 Buterworth Fringe Festival (BFF) Penang
2014 KakiSeni International Arts Festival Kuala Lumpur
2014 MY PHAT – APB (Asia Pacific Bureau) Drama/ Theatre/ China
School Festival, Shanghai Theatre Academy
Directed by Dr Hardy Shafii
2012/2013 Melaka Art and Performance Festival Melaka
2013 MY PHAT – APB (Asia Pacific Bureau) Drama/ Theatre/ Vietnam
School Festival, Ho Chi Min City, Vietnam
Directed by Dr Hardy Shafii
2012 Short + Sweet Festival Penang penangpac
Best Female Dancer Award
2011 PACIA- Performing Arts as Creative Industry in Asia USM
(International Seminar- Dancing in presentation piece)
‘Dancing With The God: Dance in 8.8’
Directed and presented by Dr Mumtaz Begum
2011 School of the Arts Postgraduate Colloquium USM
(Invited Speaker- “How to make a good abstract for seminar)
2010 Fiction and Faction in Malay World Goethe University,
(International Seminar- Paper Presenter) Frankfurt, Germany
“ What do we get?
A Study of Orang Asli Senoi Temiar, it’s ritual (Sewang) and
negative trading from the fictional promises of the ruling elite”
2010 Penang World Dance Day
(Performer and participant and facilitator)
2010 Acting and Directing Workshop USM
With Russian world renowned director Vladimir Boucher
2010 Children Theater Workshop USM
2009 ASEAN Youth Cultural Forum Bangkok, Thailand